30 October 2010

I have recently stumbled on a new project, and I am afraid that I realized it's appeal just a little too late. I have been observing solid, permanent structures and objects competing with nature to see who could out shine the other.

Meaning, I was driving down the road, and it being Fall all the trees are washed in red, yellows, and oranges. Suddenly, there was a giant blue building off to the side of the road, with the Fall mountain behind it, and it was just an explosion of color. It almost seemed like a competition to see who was brighter. I feel like during the year when trees are bare, or just green, these brightly colored objects are not as remarkable. A bright blue building is always a divergence from the normal neutral tones that most structures are, but in the Fall it just shines.

I have been looking closer now, trying to find those other objects, really trying to beat Fall. I just hope the leaves stay on the trees just a little longer.

07 October 2010

It is almost complete. My website that is. Everything, including product shots, business profiles, and personal work is up and ready for you to take a look at. I feel like I can have a certain style when it comes to my work, but I am able to mold it to whatever I happen to be shooting.


Other than that, I went to get my film developed the other day, at a new locale, only to be told that they were unsure if they would be developing film starting in 2011. 98% of thier photographers are completely digital. Though I have gone digital for all my commercial work, I still do my personal work in film, and it is upsetting to think that I may have to give it up, just because no one can offer development services. I realize that using film is considered kitchy, or out of date, but I enjoy having something to hold up to the light, rather than pixels to zoom in on.

29 August 2010

My website is moving along, finally. It took quite some time, but I finally have photo galleries up. It is really nice to see all my work laid out on the internet. I am so used to seeing them in print form, but I really enjoy the contact sheet quality that the gallery creates.

Additionally, I have quit one of my many jobs, to hopefully spend some more time on my personal work. While I told myself that I would quit this job, if I managed to get another photo job, it did not work out that way. A few more nights, and an extra day in the week, will really help me work on the things I really enjoy about photography.

Check out the new galleries-

28 March 2010

My show at Shuze/Wired is up. As I adjusted and re-adjusted the wire hangings this morning, and then stepped back, it was more than great to see all the work up together. I have five photographs from the Healthy Restraint series up, and while I look at these photos on a daily basis, it is totally different experience to see them matted, framed, and up together. They look less like a page through portfolio, and more like an actual series. It is really nice to see. I was and still am nervous to get my work out, but I realize that is not that scary when you get moving. An unofficial show indeed, but I think, a good start.

Here is a sneak at my new work. It is more involved then just traditional photos, so these images are parts, not a whole. Nancy Drew this one.

26 March 2010

I have an very unofficial first exhibition at Shuze (520 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pa) right next to Wired. It goes up on Sunday, and is quite small. There are five prints.
Check it.

23 March 2010

I feel like all I have been doing is writing about myself, and icebound boats. But, my work has been selected for another exhibition. This time, it is in Poughkeepsie, New York at the Barrett Art Center. One of my billboard photos was selected for PHOTOWORK '10. I entered work for both of these exhibitions at the beginning of March, and in less than a month, I am part of two shows. I did not expect to get into either. It is nice to be recognized I suppose. Most importantly by someone who has no idea who I am, and is judging me on my work only. That is the way I would prefer it. When I was in school, I would always hear good things about my work, and it almost got a bit old, because it was from the same people. I like that new eyes are looking at the work.

On that note, I really need to start full swing on some new work, I feel like I have been parading this past year's work around for too long, and I am happy for what it has provided me, but new ideas are refreshing, of course.

17 March 2010

I was reading a National Geographic book on their photo archives, and I came across and realized at the same time, my new interest. Icebound boats! My first reaction to the photo was just amazement, its not everyday that you see a boat stuck in ice, appearing quite distraught. The more I thought about it, the more amazing it got. A huge object is stuck, completely incapable of movement. The only way it can move is when the ice moves, which can be months. Compositionally, the boats are totally surrounded by ice, making them appear to be tiny toys. These are images that Frank Hurley took of the Edurance's iceboundment in 1916. Many of them are color tinted, which almost make them more interesting, almost like a painting. The use if it, trying to make a dire situation somewhat safe, with the added color, it almost calms me down

11 March 2010

Though I write a blogg about my own work, I try my best to keep my entries formal, and about the ideas, photos, or process. But I have just been selected to have one of my photographs in an exhibition entitled "Nostalgia", which will be held at the The Vermont Photography Workplace. Maybe, it is because I have been really down on my relationship to my career goals, but this selection feels really nice. I have always submitted my work to shows, and it is nice to finally be a part of one. I feel like this is a big spur, a big kick to really move myself forward.

Isn't it ironic, today I called a local gallery and scheduled a portfolio review.

09 March 2010

These are more final images from my series about my grandmother's house. The series now has the permanent title, "Healthy Restraint", which brings to together many of the emotions of moving that I have felt through the process and I know my grandmother has felt. I am interested in continuing this series with the new owners of the house. They have been living there for a few months now, so I feel its a comfortable time to approach them and ask for a few snaps.

While at the Wise Bean today, I had a super conversation with an art history teacher from Susquehanna University. I made me realize how much I still crave talking about art related subjects with others. I feel like since college ended, I have shared thoughts and ideas with only a few people. This is not by choice, actually I just find that I have less of an artistic community around me. Or less people I feel comfortable sharing these thoughts with. Maybe because I feel like I will bore them, or maybe I do not feel as intelligent. I do not know when, but in the slow, slow process of getting myself ready to go back for an MFA, the thing I am probs most looking forward to is the talks and conversations that seem completely everyday and not a treat.

04 March 2010

I read an article in the New York Times today, about how New York state is trying to cut or restrict access to certian state parks and historical areas, due to budget restrictions. While that makes me very annoyed and upset, it also makes me think. I would really like to do a series on these areas, just documenting them. I feel like nothing will really happen to these areas, physically, but they will not be enjoyed.

It reminds me of some of my favorite photographs. Simple, concise photos of the everyday that when delved deeper into show much far information and spirit. Martina Mullaney did a series of simple photographs of beds. While, this series has been one of my favorites for years, due the colors and limited subject matter, I only recently found out that the bed were for homeless people in hostels and shelters in Whales and England. And that made all the difference.

01 March 2010

My website is slowly beginning to take a recognizable form. I have added a resume, about page, and a place to contact me. All pretty exciting stuff.

The fact that galleries are not up yet, has really kept me from over publicizing it, but I cannot wait, until everything is up and ready. I feel like a personal website is the most telling of a person's work, so I am really working to make it have the exact look and feel I would like.

Bright. Clean. Organized. Welcoming.

I have and will be continue to work on a series with the tentatively obvious title "Off Season". I am photographing objects and areas in their off-season months of the year. I think it is so interesting how new meaning is put into each of these objects just by the passing of the months. As of now, I have been working on the winter months so many of the items found are a summer relation. I feel like I would like to try a series in the summer, but I do not have too many ideas of the places that I could frequent.

This has been one of my favorite projects to date, I walked around for hours each weekend to find as many diverse objects as I could. Alleys were the best course to take, since many people have backyards, just stocked with off-season objects.

27 February 2010

Finally, a website! Well, the shell of a website.

I am happy to report that www.emmahorning.com is officially official. I am working feverishly to get a few galleries up, but for the time being, it is nice to have something to call my own on the internet.

21 February 2010

Mamiya 645 Pro TL is finally here, and I feel as if things are ready to change. I waited so long for this camera, and this afternoon, I just took it out for some test shots, and it was like a dream. I feel like it is odd to feel so connected to an object, but I see differently with this camera. I think about series in terms of this camera, and I am so gladd I got one. The lens is a little dirty, but that can be cleaned.

2010 has a few strong photo ideas in store for me, and I am pretty excited. I feel like I have just been finishing up work, since the end of college. So the fresh start of new ideas, and the images they will bring is exhilarating.

26 January 2010

A new year, one which is almost already through it first month, brings the thought of progress. My goal for 2010 just happens to be to land in the publication 25 Under 25, which is 25 up and coming photographers in America. I am formulating new projects and series, and having some equipment difficulty. One does not go with the other.

I love Francesca Woodman's work. I hate to say I almost pulled a Francesca Woodman, but...well. Her work though, speaks and speaks.