23 March 2010

I feel like all I have been doing is writing about myself, and icebound boats. But, my work has been selected for another exhibition. This time, it is in Poughkeepsie, New York at the Barrett Art Center. One of my billboard photos was selected for PHOTOWORK '10. I entered work for both of these exhibitions at the beginning of March, and in less than a month, I am part of two shows. I did not expect to get into either. It is nice to be recognized I suppose. Most importantly by someone who has no idea who I am, and is judging me on my work only. That is the way I would prefer it. When I was in school, I would always hear good things about my work, and it almost got a bit old, because it was from the same people. I like that new eyes are looking at the work.

On that note, I really need to start full swing on some new work, I feel like I have been parading this past year's work around for too long, and I am happy for what it has provided me, but new ideas are refreshing, of course.

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