04 March 2010

I read an article in the New York Times today, about how New York state is trying to cut or restrict access to certian state parks and historical areas, due to budget restrictions. While that makes me very annoyed and upset, it also makes me think. I would really like to do a series on these areas, just documenting them. I feel like nothing will really happen to these areas, physically, but they will not be enjoyed.

It reminds me of some of my favorite photographs. Simple, concise photos of the everyday that when delved deeper into show much far information and spirit. Martina Mullaney did a series of simple photographs of beds. While, this series has been one of my favorites for years, due the colors and limited subject matter, I only recently found out that the bed were for homeless people in hostels and shelters in Whales and England. And that made all the difference.

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