30 October 2010

I have recently stumbled on a new project, and I am afraid that I realized it's appeal just a little too late. I have been observing solid, permanent structures and objects competing with nature to see who could out shine the other.

Meaning, I was driving down the road, and it being Fall all the trees are washed in red, yellows, and oranges. Suddenly, there was a giant blue building off to the side of the road, with the Fall mountain behind it, and it was just an explosion of color. It almost seemed like a competition to see who was brighter. I feel like during the year when trees are bare, or just green, these brightly colored objects are not as remarkable. A bright blue building is always a divergence from the normal neutral tones that most structures are, but in the Fall it just shines.

I have been looking closer now, trying to find those other objects, really trying to beat Fall. I just hope the leaves stay on the trees just a little longer.

07 October 2010

It is almost complete. My website that is. Everything, including product shots, business profiles, and personal work is up and ready for you to take a look at. I feel like I can have a certain style when it comes to my work, but I am able to mold it to whatever I happen to be shooting.


Other than that, I went to get my film developed the other day, at a new locale, only to be told that they were unsure if they would be developing film starting in 2011. 98% of thier photographers are completely digital. Though I have gone digital for all my commercial work, I still do my personal work in film, and it is upsetting to think that I may have to give it up, just because no one can offer development services. I realize that using film is considered kitchy, or out of date, but I enjoy having something to hold up to the light, rather than pixels to zoom in on.