11 July 2011

I am really interested in ships. Old sailing ships, small sailboats. Basically anything that has sails, and looks like it is out for an adventure works for me.

I really like the work of photographer, Luis Gonzalez Palma, I was recently on his website, and came across this body of work. It is so detailed and thought out, yet simplistic. I feel like it is the perfect photo. It kind of reminds me of the beds of Martina Mullaney's photographs, in a sense.

05 February 2011

My work is now on view (and on sale, which it never is!) at the Plaza Bistro which opens Monday morning. Containing seven photos from my Healthy Restraint series, which has been seen a little in Bethlehem before. I really enjoy the series though, and want it to get as much as exposure as possible.

Check it out, and check out the Plaza Bistro too!

04 February 2011

On an unrelated note, The White Stripes broke up.
My Heart!

14 January 2011

I feel like I have struggled secretly (and at times, not so secretly) with post-graduate work and sucess. I feel like what I have achieved thus far is not up to par on my personal scale. Literally, this a situation that I struggle with on a daily basis. I feel like I have lost the core values I once held for myself. They have been replaced by the need to make money, and keep up on daily bills and chores.

I feel like I am in art rehab, very slowly building my way back up the ladder to the heights I was before. Helping this is a new, potential residency at the my old university. Even thinking of the idea of getting back into the darkroom produced a feeling that I have not had in a long time. I am so excited to make work again, for myself, to really show off my thoughts. I feel when this falls into place, other things will too, and I will pull through, and begin to be able to measure myself as I once did.

30 October 2010

I have recently stumbled on a new project, and I am afraid that I realized it's appeal just a little too late. I have been observing solid, permanent structures and objects competing with nature to see who could out shine the other.

Meaning, I was driving down the road, and it being Fall all the trees are washed in red, yellows, and oranges. Suddenly, there was a giant blue building off to the side of the road, with the Fall mountain behind it, and it was just an explosion of color. It almost seemed like a competition to see who was brighter. I feel like during the year when trees are bare, or just green, these brightly colored objects are not as remarkable. A bright blue building is always a divergence from the normal neutral tones that most structures are, but in the Fall it just shines.

I have been looking closer now, trying to find those other objects, really trying to beat Fall. I just hope the leaves stay on the trees just a little longer.

07 October 2010

It is almost complete. My website that is. Everything, including product shots, business profiles, and personal work is up and ready for you to take a look at. I feel like I can have a certain style when it comes to my work, but I am able to mold it to whatever I happen to be shooting.


Other than that, I went to get my film developed the other day, at a new locale, only to be told that they were unsure if they would be developing film starting in 2011. 98% of thier photographers are completely digital. Though I have gone digital for all my commercial work, I still do my personal work in film, and it is upsetting to think that I may have to give it up, just because no one can offer development services. I realize that using film is considered kitchy, or out of date, but I enjoy having something to hold up to the light, rather than pixels to zoom in on.

29 August 2010

My website is moving along, finally. It took quite some time, but I finally have photo galleries up. It is really nice to see all my work laid out on the internet. I am so used to seeing them in print form, but I really enjoy the contact sheet quality that the gallery creates.

Additionally, I have quit one of my many jobs, to hopefully spend some more time on my personal work. While I told myself that I would quit this job, if I managed to get another photo job, it did not work out that way. A few more nights, and an extra day in the week, will really help me work on the things I really enjoy about photography.

Check out the new galleries-