01 November 2009

How one object can accentuate qualities of another object that is completely different from it is something that I find compelling. After countless car trips at night, riding as a passenger, I began to see links between billboards and their surroundings, as well as the dark night that encases all objects. At night, with the exception of the moon, the only light produced is man-made. While the moon sheds light on objects, it does not illuminate like the light from a man-made billboard is able to do. A billboard gives light to everything that surrounds it.

I find that in rural areas, there is very little light on natural objects at night. With the inclusion of billboards and their lights, something not normally seen at night appears. I am very interested in the fact that without these lights, nature would not be seen in these conditions at night. Something natural is exhibited because something un-natural has been placed in the area it has resided in.

12 July 2009

I am currently working on a series that is a document to my grandmother's old home. She has moved on, but in the final stages of her moving out, I began to document what was left in the house, what rooms she was leaving behind, and the items that would not follow. The series will continue through the house completly stripped of items, and hopefully a document of the future owner's possesions, though that will probs be harder than I can guess. I find these transitions in the house interesting, and I like the fact that I am never fully prepared for the house in each of it's various stages. It always surprises me.

14 June 2009

Laundry is as perplexing a topic as it is simple. The simple function of air moving through fabrics saves energy and smells quite good. I am interested in laundry for a few reasons. I like how I can tell about a person or a household with just the clothes that were hung out to dry. This drying laundry may be the only connection I ever have to the people who, at times, inhabit it. The arrangement of the laundry begins to tell of organization, and how an exterior reflects on an interior.
Here I began to look at laundry in a new way, how it interacts with the objects around it, how it corresponds or does not correspond to the colors around itself. How each piece of laundry works next to its neighbor.

13 June 2009

I feel like the first part of any story should begin accordingly, so that the end of the story can end just as accordingly.

I can communicate with photographs.