17 March 2010

I was reading a National Geographic book on their photo archives, and I came across and realized at the same time, my new interest. Icebound boats! My first reaction to the photo was just amazement, its not everyday that you see a boat stuck in ice, appearing quite distraught. The more I thought about it, the more amazing it got. A huge object is stuck, completely incapable of movement. The only way it can move is when the ice moves, which can be months. Compositionally, the boats are totally surrounded by ice, making them appear to be tiny toys. These are images that Frank Hurley took of the Edurance's iceboundment in 1916. Many of them are color tinted, which almost make them more interesting, almost like a painting. The use if it, trying to make a dire situation somewhat safe, with the added color, it almost calms me down

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